Stefan Lieberth

Network Consultant / Solution Architect



Solution Architect
Large-Scale L3-VPN Migration

L3-VPN Design
Redundancy/Availability design for XL/L/M/S and XS sites
CoS Parameter Definition
Technical Management during Rollout Process
Design of Network-Based Firewall Approach
Mobile Access to L3-VPN

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Technical Sales
NFV Mobile Core for M2M

Technical Sales Presentations for GGSN/PGWs
Feature Clarification for Radius and Diameter (Gx,Gy) interfaces
Design of NFV architecture based on VMware
Geo-Redundancy (stateful)
APNs linked to L3-VPNs via NNI(type b)

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Solution Architect
Mediation Systems for Offline Charging

High-Level Design for online/offline charging
Charging Interface Specifications



Solution Architect
Offline Charging IMS

Design of a Charging Architecture for Deutsche Telekom IMS network
High Level Design
Redundancy concept
AVP definition to fulfill regulatory requirments
Development of test tools in Perl and Wireshark
Verification testing of charging records for specific call scenarios